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I was traveling on the freeway at about 40-50mph at 7pm.  I was wearing a Tourmaster Coaster 2 Jacket with pads.  A car swerved into me sending me sliding along the pavement on my shoulders.  I slid for what seemed an eternity and then popped up.  My Tourmaster jacket absorbed all of the impact and slide.  It wasn't until I later inspected the jacket and pads that I really had an idea of the amount of energy it absorbed.  I had no bruises or rash on my shoulders or forearms.  In the future I'll get a jacket or vest with a chest protector like the Cortech Accelerator and my next pants will have hip pads like the Cortech Sequoia.



-Mark S.


I've been wearing Cortech for years and have been really happy with the quality and value.  Great fit and ventilation too.  Keep up the good work you guys!  My Cortech tank bag and saddlebags look great on my GSX-R and fit better than just about any other luggage I've tried.



Hi, I bought my Cortech jacket a year ago and this year I had a crash. This jacket literally saved my skin. I sustained some "rug burns" from inside the jacket but nothing serious. As hard as I hit the pavement I should have broken my elbow but your jacket saved me. It sustained some rips in the leather but nothing else.

- Randy


 I received a Cortech Jacket for Christmas and it's just a wonderful jacket. I love it. Well after going for a ride a couple of months back, I lowsided my bike and sustained some damage to my jacket. The jacket gave me GREAT protection, and I only came away with a slight scrape on my side. My poor bike was totalled but I came away just fine. 

- Carl


 A few weeks ago I took a ride of a lifetime.....or more accurately stated "a slide of a lifetime".  I was riding my Harley Sporster on a beautiful crisp fall day in Oregon, when I hit a depressionin the road and bottomed out. Traveling at a speed of 50 mph, it was like hitting a brick wall. The bike and I flew up in the air, then came down hard hitting the pavement, and then proceeded to slide 224' into the oncoming traffic lane where it came to a halt. I ended up just short of it in a ditch surrounded by boulders and rocks laying there unconscious. The only thing I remember after the first few seconds was the sound of metal sliding on the asphalt. Had I not been wearing my Cortech jacket there is no doubt in my mind that I would have incurredserious injuries to my upper body. The armor did an impressive job protecting my arms and my back. After a two hour ambulance ride to the hospital, the doctors in emergency could not believe whathad occurred, and that I did not receive one broken bone or internal injuries after viewing ultra sounds,and cat scans. The only harm to the jacket after sliding that distance was a small tear in the right shoulder seam. On the other hand, my bike was totaled. Cortech has done an impressive job standing behind their product. I have been very pleased with their service and attention to the repairs/replacement. I have two Cortech jackets, one for summer and one for fall and winter riding. I would not think ofgetting on my bike without wearing my jacket. To me it is as important as my helmet. We havesigns posted as you enter Oregon "Helmets are Required". They should add to the sign......"Helmets and Cortech Jackets Required".

- Christine



These are an excellent pair of leather pants. They are built extremely well and fit well. 




I really love this jacket, a bit pricy but well  worth it. I got it for myself as an Xmas present and really like the thick leather, but removed the pads for extra comfort



Awesome leather jacket. Nice jacket for a bargain! I'm using it with an external spine portector.



Absolutely wonderful jacket! Fits exactly as measured. I have worn this in the heat of summer and rain storms. It works great! 



GX Sport Jacket I recently purchased a Cortech GX Sport jacket and just wanted to make comment on it.  What a great jacket!  I did a lot of research prior to my purchase and feel the Cortech line is definitely the most bang for the buck, and offers excellent protection.  There are a lot of textile jackets on the market, so it was hard to make a decision.  In the end, I wanted a jacket for year round riding (down to 30 degrees) and the GX sport will definitely have me covered.  The fit was spot on according to your sizing charts.  Again, thanks for a great product!

- Craig from Whiteman Air Force Base, MO


Recently bought a Kawasaki KLR 650. So I could do some adventure touring. I have been looking for luggage for some time and I decided on trying the Cortech line. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied. I am a commercial photographer in Pittsburgh. Your luggage enables me to carry my equipment with me and keeps it safe. Not only did I buy the Cortech Luggage but I went for the GX Sport Jacket and the pants and the gloves to boot. Speaking of boot.... Anyways, I feel like a Cortech poster child now. I thank you for making such a great product and I hope to hear from you.

- Alan from Pittsburgh, PA



Thanks Cortech for the GX Sport.  I went down hard on a ride last weekend and this jacket (along with your pants) saved my hide. I must've slid 75 feet, and other than some bumps and bruises, I didn't get hardly a scratch.  Thanks, you got me for life!!

- Nathan - Clearwater, FL

Super 2.0  -  Saddlebag

Great for Honda Nighthawk 750. If you get the large tailbag that clips into the saddle bags it is an awesome combo, but these bags alone are great. I like how you can keep them narrow, and unzip to expand if carry groceries or whatever.

- Bob


Great quality, great space, well made, well stiched, hold shap well. Lots of nice stuff. Even included free weather proof covers to put on them. Can't go wrong with these for touring. 

- JR


Sturdy and decent amount of storage space. Fits well on my Nija 400, and doesn't really 'cramp my style so to speak. 

- Brian


Super 2.0  - 24L Tail Bag 

I recently bought a new motorcycle and decided it was time for me to get a proper tail bag, My previous bike had had nothing but a molle-friendly 5.11 pouch supplemented with cargo netting as necessary. I wanted something that would hold a small (15.5") laptop on commutes to work and I started with the Ogio Tail Bag - Stealth, whose dimensions, I calculated, would just accommodate the laptop. On delivery, I discovered I was wrong about that. (If you're not planning on carrying anything larger than a "net book" or tablet, I suggest you look at the Ogio as well as this bag. They're both great. That one, however, will not hold a lap top. This one will.) Similarly dimensioned to the Ogio Stealth tail bag, Cortech's bag is approximately as sturdy in its construction, not quite so clever in its design (or perhaps a bit too clever), and, frankly, not as good looking. just that little bit bigger where it counts. Like the Ogio, it's a strap mounted bag with a base. Unlike the Ogio, its base is detachable (which is probably better) but not quite as thick and not nearly as "sticky" on the bottom. So I imagine it provides slightly less protection to the contents (against vibration) and the bike (against abrasion). Its detachable mounting straps are much longer than those on the Ogio and offer a much wider array of mounting options; so wide, in fact, that I spent a couple of hours trying to divine the best possible option before finally deciding that, on my bike, the best thing would be to simply use the integral straps that tuck into the bottom (probably intended for use with the available matching saddle bags) and toss the detachable ones aside (not an option on the Ogio bag). It lacks the handy Kindle-sized pocket on the top hatch that the Ogio has. But it has an "organizer" on the inside of that hatch that the Ogio lacks. And that organizer will hold the traveling papers ("Registration and Proof of Insurance, please." "Why, yes, officer, it's right here.") and the owner's manual or a Kindle (but not both) just fine.But where it truly "Out Does" the Ogio bag is in red-lined main compartment. Where the Ogio bag expands upward, markedly increasing the bag's volume without increasing its so-called "foot print," the Cortech bag's main compartment expands on either side, literally widening the bag while achieving approximately the same volume. I can stuff all the same gear into the Cortech that I stuff into the Ogio (long-sleeved shirt for when the sun goes down, cap for wearing off the bike, camera, sunscreen, apple left over from lunch, even my jacket, which is vented and pretty flexible); the difference is, with both sides expanded, the laptop will fit easily into the Cortech bag. It will not fit comfortably into the Ogio. It's probably also worth noting that the red lining in the Cortech bag's main compartment makes it easier to find smaller bits of loose stuff, especially smaller bits of dark, loose stuff. But I'm a fan of using a couple of small diddy bags to organize the contents of any larger bag in any case. This bag is the one that's staying on the bike, at least for as long as I have to schlep a lap top back and forth to work.

- John. L, Kansas City


I bought this bag for on the back of my 2014 Kawasaki 300. It is very well made with padded straps. It sits perfectly on the back seat. The bag does not budge while I'm driving. All of my work gear fits inside without even extending the sides. It also looks good on my bike. I don't have to worry about hitting my leg on it when I get on the bike because it is not that high. I would definitly recommend it to a friend.

I use the Cortech Super 2.0 24-Liter Tail Bag daily, primarily for commuting to work, but also for stopping at the store for a few things. I'm always amazed at how much it holds. It just doesn't look like it should hold that much. It is very secure on my bike, a Honda CB1100. It's my first Cortech product and so far I am impressed with the build quality and the design. It comes off the bike easily when I arrive at work, and with the handle it feels like a small briefcase. Goes back on the bike at the end of the day just as easily......I love this bag!

- Rob from Austin, TX


Super 2.0 18L Tank Bag

There are numerous cheaper bags available, but this one is worth the price. The nylon material is heavy enough that it retains it's shape very nicely. The magnets are strong enough to keep the bag perfectly in place without any marring. It has stayed exactly where I put it, even when expanded and fully loaded, during some rather 'spirited' runs up the highway on my CBR600. There are plenty of pockets and places to store everything and they are all lined with a nice soft fleece so nothing gets scratched. My only complaint about this bag is the clear map pouch on top. The pouch is rather small, but the opening is even smaller. I gave up on trying to keep a map in there as I would have to crumple it to get it through the opening. My phone and garage door opener now get tucked in there during rides. Bonus is that I can operate my phone through the clear plastic... perfect for gps or changing music tracks.

- Christopher, TX


I love the look of this bag, it's expandable, it has a map pouch on top, 2 pockets with headphone/hose holes (I have a bluetooth helmet so this won't really be used,) It's quick on and off and has backpack straps so you can take your stuff with you where ever you end up.

- N. Judge


I found the magnets are plenty strong for there purpose. It feels well made and should last a long time.Its perfect for holding the few small items I would want to carry and have easy access too. It also comes with clip on straps. The dimensions given are the storage area itself, the soft backed tabs that hold the magnets are 3 inches long.

- G. Rath


GX Sport 3

Initial quality is good, quality stitching zippers etc. We'll see how it wears with time. It's summer and plus 90 degree's so I removed the liner. It was easy to do and I should be able to put it back in without much trouble. Vents in the back work well. I didn't rate it a 5 because it could use some zippered vents in the front for better airflow in the heat. Has plenty of pockets for my phone, sunglasses and other stuff. It fit perfectly. I'm 5'10" 185 with a longish upper body. Often times jackets are too short this one is not. Hard armor isn't annoying, it fits right where it's supposed to. Overall I'm very happy with the jacket.

- Philip S.


This jacket works very well. It does a good job keeping the rain off you but doesn't breath well with the vents closed, so either way if its raining you still may get wet depending on how bad you sweat. I use this jacket for motor training so it's been down a time or twenty and shows little to no wear.

- Matthew A.



GX Sport Air 3

Bought this jacket because of the armor and the XXL Tall size. It replaced a much flimsier ventilated jacket that had inferior armor. Really like the ventilation and versatility of this jacket. Would have given it 5 stars if I could have gotten my size in something other than black. Black seems to slightly defeat the purpose of having a ventilated jacket. Having said that I don't notice it getting to hot.

- Corey, N.M.


Jacket is very comfortable, Breaths well when inner liners are removed used in 90 degree weather and air flow is great. Keeps you warm when cold. Love the jacket.


HDX Glove

Great product and fast shipping! Gloves offer great protection and are very comfortable. Very versatile, can grasp objects (even small ones, such as coins) perfectly when wearing them. Highly recommended.



Super 2.0 8L Tank Bag

I just went on a 2,208 mile road trip in 5 days. This came in great for the journey. I had all my most used and needed items right in front of me for easy access. Love it. I kept my camera in the small front zippered pocket for quick access to take pictures of beautiful views as I rode by them so that I wouldn't have to open the larger section while moving. It exceeded my expectations. It's well made, stayed put on the tank even at 90 miles anhour down super highways.

- Sukie


Awesome quality, mounts nicely on my KTM Superduke, Had to use the straps to mount the bag due to a plastic fuel tank but it worked well.

- Trevor, CA.


Latigo Air RR Boot

Boots are way better than expected. Great for riding and you can feel the air flowing through the perforations. Obviously the boots feel a bit strange for walking, but I didn't buy them to go hiking. Very comfortable when on the bike. Much more secure feeling than even my Redwing 606 boots.Initially I had a lot of difficulty putting them on because I was trying to put them on like boots but you put them on more like low shoes. If you slip your foot in from the inside they go on and are zipped up in seconds.

- Rocco

These fit well and the size is accurate. The cooling effect while riding is nice, I wear thick socks if its cold out. I wear boot cut jeans and/or khakis if going to the office, they fit well and you cannot tell its a boot other than the big skid plate on the toe, I do change shoes once at work. I thought shifting was going to be a problem but it is not, takes a couple of months to break them in. Good build quality for the price, don't skimp on safety, nobody want's a broken ankle, especially living in top floor in a crap apartment.

- Owen S.


Overall very happy with this pair of boots. I'm typically a 9 shoe size and the 9 was a perfect fit. Very comfortable boots even after hours of riding. I've ridden all year in these and for the price it seems like a great deal for a quality pair of boots. The pivot likes to squeak but that's a very minor complaint. DX 2 Glove



DX 2 Glove

Very nice gloves.  A great fit.  I'd recommend them to anyone

- J-Rod


Latigo RR Glove


Really comfortable and protective at the same time!  A GREAT VALUE compared to others. Love the design!

- Jake MS


Vice WP Riding Shoe


Way cool.  Protective and still got that high top look.   I love 'em

- Spike


Dryver GPS Bag

A great solution to adding a GPS to your bike.  I really like how it integrates with the bags it's designed for.

- Theo


LNX Leather Jacket

A great jacket for women. Very flattering and nicely designed! I love the more feminine cut and the more conservative design.
Not all of us want to look like guys, or some tribal girl.

- Christina


LRX Series 2 Jacket 

I love this jacke! It fits me perfectly.   Need to offer it in more colors so I can buy another one for my other bike.

- Stephanie

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